“Living Independence for the Elderly,” or LIFE, is a Pennsylvania program that provides comprehensive health and support services to seniors who wish to continue living independently in the community.


LIFE’s exciting and comprehensive features help make it possible for seniors to remain in their homes. For most participants who are eligible for Medicaid or dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare this means:

  • generally no costs for services provided by LIFE
  • no costs for prescription drugs
  • a LIFE care team dedicated to addressing your health care and social support needs
  • comprehensive medical services
  • as directed by your LIFE care team, home services such as meals, help with bathing and dressing, light housekeeping, laundry, chores, home modifications, and medical equipment and supplies
  • a day center at which members can eat, receive medical care, and participate in activities
  • free transportation to doctor appointments, the LIFE day center, and medical destinations outside your home


  • age 55 or older
  • medically eligible to participate in a LIFE program
  • financially eligible for Medicaid or have the ability to privately pay
  • reside in an area served by a LIFE provider
  • able to be safely served in the community as determined by a LIFE provider


Most LIFE participants who are eligible for Medicaid or are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid generally pay nothing for services provided by LIFE, such as prescriptions, medical equipment and supplies, transportation to the LIFE day center and outside medical appointments, and food at the LIFE center. (Participants who, during the course of their LIFE membership, spend more than 30 days in a nursing facility may be responsible for some of those costs, depending on their income and family situation.)


Many people who have reached this point in their lives face obstacles to their independence, so LIFE offers a variety of in-home services that your LIFE care team may determine you need, such as:

  • home aides to help you with bathing, grooming, dressing, laundry, light housekeeping, and chores
  • home modifications such as grab bars or ramps
  • medical equipment and supplies


LIFE does a lot of the work for you, providing or arranging for every medical service your LIFE care team decides that you need. That means no more making calls to schedule doctors’ appointments or to arrange for transportation. LIFE takes care of this for you. Everyone has their own needs, so LIFE and the medical services LIFE offers, depending on your specific needs as determined by your LIFE care team, could include:

  • primary and preventive care, behavioral, specialist, and emergency care
  • doctors and nurses on call to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • vision (including glasses), dental (including dentures), foot, and hearing care (including hearing aids)
  • women’s health services, such as mammograms
  • home health care and hospital care
  • prescriptions
  • physical, occupational, recreational, cognitive, and speech therapies
  • nutrition counseling
  • medical imaging – x-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans
  • laboratory services
  • medical equipment and supplies
  • skilled nursing care and rehab services


Unlike other health plans, every LIFE program has a day center located in your community.  Staffed by LIFE doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals, these centers are places where you can:

  • see your LIFE doctor or nurse
  • receive physical, occupational, speech, or cognitive therapy
  • receive therapy and counseling
  • meet with a dietician
  • participate in health education programs
  • participate in recreational and cultural activities
  • eat free meals and snacks
  • participate in fitness programs
  • receive help showering or bathing
  • spend time with other LIFE members


LIFE provides free transportation to the LIFE day center and outside medical appointments. This is all coordinated for you by your LIFE care team.


Depending on your needs, your care may involve more than your LIFE doctors, nurses, and LIFE staff; your family may be involved as well. LIFE offers services to help family members as needed, too, including:

  • education, training, and counseling
  • social services and supports
  • respite care
  • regular communication with members of your LIFE care team